How to spend your onboard credit

Onboard Credit

You just found out that you are going to receive Onboard Credit on an up coming cruise. Congratulations!! First time recipients of Onboard Credit (OBC) may have many questions about the ins and outs of OBC, even if they are experienced cruisers. Here is a guide to understanding Onboard Credit and how you can use

A Collection of Travel Quotes

Inspirational Travel Quotes A collection of some of my favourite Travel Quotes Throughout my lifetime, inspirational quotes have always held special meaning for me. When I dig through the artifacts and memories of my time in Outdoor Education, Leadership Development and Teaching, I always find countless quotes written in the margins of notebooks and journals,

digital devices

Cruising with Power Hungry Electronic Devices

Cruising can be a power struggle. . . In this high-tech age, we all travel with plenty of power-hungry electronic devices that all need charging, sometimes all at once. Travelling on a cruise is certainly no exception.  This summer, on our Western Mediterranean Cruise, (Celebrity Reflection, July 2017) our device inventory consisted of two iPhones,