Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2018)

 Gifts for Travelers

Are you looking for gift ideas for the travelers in your life? Here is a list of some great travel gifts. I have personally purchased and used each item on this list.
A Power Strip
A power strip or surge protector makes travel charging a lot more convenient. In this high-tech age, we all travel with plenty of power-hungry electronic devices that all need charging, sometimes all at once. I travel with the Bestten 3Outlet Portable Travel Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging Ports. I really like this device because the cord wraps into the base for easy storage and travel.  I love that it has 2 USB ports for charging. I have been very happy with the compact nature of this product. Because it stores flat, it takes up very little space in my luggage. I always pack this power strip in my carry-on luggage to ensure that I have charging capability for multiple devices at the airport or cruise terminal. For other electronic charging ideas please visit my post Cruising with Power Hungry Electronic Devices, Cruising can be a power struggle. . . 


Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Clip Stash Wallet
 I’ve had a Lewis N. Clark Clip Stash wallet, or two, for a number of years. I’ve used one of these wallets while exploring Europe, the Caribbean and large North American cities, camping, hiking, going to the gym, hanging out at the beach, skiing in Vermont, evenings onboard cruise ships, nights on the town and trips to the local shopping mall.  I find that the RFID Clip Stash wallet easily accommodates ID or a driver’s licence, a credit card and/or debit card, a hotel room key or SeaPass card, some currency and even a house or car key. See my full review of the Lewis N. Clark Clip Stash Wallet
Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet


I have at least two of these wallets, one black and one tan. The tan colour is suitable for everyday use with a variety of casual clothing. The black one? Well you never can tell when you might need deep storage during a formal event when you’re wearing a suit. Once connected to your belt, you tuck the wallet inside your pants, concealing it deep under the cover of clothing.  I like to wear it so that it lies completely under the existing pocket of my shorts or pants. I feel this makes it look more natural. Having RFID-Blocking technology built right into the wallet helps keep the personal information stored on your credit card or passport safe from electronic identity theft scanners. See my review of the Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet.
Luggage Tags for Cruises
Before you cruise, you will receive luggage tags from your cruise line, your travel agent or you will print them out at home.  No matter how you get them, most cruise line luggage tags are not as robust as you might like them to be. Most include instructions on how to fold them, loop them around a handle on your luggage and staple them or tape them in place.   For many years, I thought this was a perfectly acceptable way to label my luggage. Not anymore.
Are you are tired of stapling and taping your luggage tags, and hoping for the best? If so, I highly recommend the purchase of plastic luggage tag holders.  Be advised that the type you order is dependent on the cruise line you will be traveling with. For Carnival, Princess, Holland America, etc. order “standard” luggage tags, for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, order “narrow” luggage tags. See my luggage tag suggestions in my post about Embarkation Day Stress Busters.
 A Compact, Packable Day Pack
No matter how or when you travel, you probably end up purchasing more souvenirs, snacks and drinks than can fit into your regular backpack, tote bag or beach bag.  Rather than carrying all those shopping bags you aquire, free up your hands. Unpack one of these full size packable backpacks from its own compact pocket pouch. I have used both these brands of packable day packs on all manner of jaunts, wanders and cruises. They are well made and contain many of the features you would expect from more expensive day packs.
Magnetic Hooks for Cruise Travel
Harnessing the magnetic potential of your cruise ship stateroom is one of the best cruise hacks you will ever utilize. You see, the walls and ceiling of your stateroom are all made of metal suitable for organizing your stuff with magnets.
Magnets like these can be used to post cruise activity calendars, excursion tickets, art auction invitations, lanyards with key cards, hats, bathing suits, binoculars and almost anything else you can think about hanging from a wall, or ceiling. The best magnetic hooks for these types of applications are the smaller white hook magnets.
The larger magnets are great for de-wrinkling your clothes.  Whether you hang up your clothes and use a wrinkle release spray or hang them in the bathroom while you shower, these silver magnets will support just about anything you will hang from them.
Portable, Packable Fan
A portable, packable fan is something we take on all our travels. This fan has been fantastic because of its size. My daughter sleeps better with a fan running beside her. She likes the  breeze it generates and the white noise it provides.  This compact portable fan is powered by a USB cable that is provided. A portable power bank can power this fan for hours. 4 AA batteries can also be used to make this portable fan suitable for camping.



Packing Cubes
I have become a huge fan of packing cubes. They are a great way of keeping things organized in your luggage. This set from Amazon offers a variety of smaller sizes. The small and slim cubes, in this set, are great for socks and underwear.  Packing cubes are an excellent way of packing a change of clothes in your carry on luggage or for an overnight stay at a hotel.
Travel CabIe and Accessories Bag
I have two of these bags to organize my electronics gear.  I use one for my point and shoot digital camera to store the camera, its cables and charger, an external  battery charger, extra extra batteries and extra SD cards.  The second one holds wall adapters, lightning cables, mini USB cables, an extra power bank, etc. for family electronics, iPhones, etc.
Anti-Wrinkle Travel Packing Folder
This BAGSMART packing folder is a great addition to a collection of packing cubes to keep clothing organized in luggage.  I was pleased with how this item kept a number of shirts wrinkle free on a trip to Europe and a Mediterannean Cruise.
Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch
A super safe storage idea for currency, identification cards, credit cards and hotel room keys. The PacSafe Coversafe S25 Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch is breathable, machine washable, made from lingerie fabric, and lies comfortably on the body underneath clothing.
Extra Long and Extra Short Lightning Cables
I have found Amazon Basics Lightning cables to be very reliable. I have a number of these cables in a variety of sizes. I like the 4 inch cable when using a power bank or a car charger. The 10 foot cable is great for extended reach from a power strip by a bedside table.



Waterproof, Sunscreen Proof Cell Phone Case
Sunscreen Proof? We all know to keep our phones away from water bottles and wet things, but sunscreen?  A really close call with an aerosol spray sunscreen bottle has led me to always splash proof and waterproof my cell phone when it goes into any type of gym bag or beach bag.  While I wouldn’t use one of these cases underwater to take pictures using my phone,  I trust them around water bottles, wet and sandy beach towels, and sunscreen.
Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
I bought one of these Bluetooth keyboards to bring along to Europe this summer to use with my iPad. Being able to pair a keyboard with an iPad makes writing emails, and social media posts a snap. The JETech wireless keyboard was super useful for writing travel notes and drafts of reviews of places we went and tour companies that we used.  This keyboard will always have a home in my carry-on.  It can be used with your cellphone, too.
Waterproof, Spillproof Passport Holder
It is important to keep your passport safe and dry. This was a lesson learned after a close call with an automatic faucet at a rest stop in Upstate New York. No matter where we travel our passports are now protected. These Seattle Sports Dry Doc Passport Waterproof cases keep our passports dry during all modes of travel.


RFID Passport Sleeve
The Pacsafe RFIDsleeve 50 Blocking Passport Protector combined with the Seattle Sports  Dry Doc Passport Case keeps your passport dry and safe from electronic identity theft scanners.
Foldable Water Bottle
These foldable water bottles roll down small and can be tucked into the attached clip. Small and compact when rolled but able to hold 700ml of your favourite beverage when filled. Great for day trips, excursions, or saving some money on water at the airport after you have cleared security. Also suitable for hiking, the gym, or trips to the mall or amusement park.
Men’s Travel Tie Case 
Great for business travel or being prepared for dinner on a cruise.  This accessory holds 3-4 ties and keeps them wrinkle free.  Fits nicely in a packing cube for further organizing your luggage.
Travel Pill Organizer
I have found the Lewis N. Clark Pill Organizers to be a compact and effective way to store and organize prescription and OTC  medications when traveling. The Lewis N. Clark 800 organizer is great for organizing medication for up to 8 days and has pouches for both morning and evening medications. It is especially good for storing and keeping track of the use of prescription medications. The Lewis N. Clark 700 organizer can be used for all types of OTC remedies for motion sickness, upset stomach, pain relief, allergy medication and vitamins and supplements.
Secure Camera Wrist strap
The Pacsafe Carrysafe 25 Anti-Theft Compact Camera Wrist Strap is a great camera accessory.  Once the band is around your wrist, you and your camera are going to stay together.  This wrist strap tightens around your wrist to prevent your camera from accidental drops or being snatched out of your hand. This wrist strap provided me much peace of mind taking pictures from precarious perches, our stateroom balcony and in big crowds in Europe.

Happy Gift Giving and Happy Travels.



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