Graffiti Alley Toronto

Toronto: Graffiti Alley

Check out some of the photos we took  of the street art in Graffiti Alley

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Graffiti Alley is a great place to visit on a trip to Toronto, Ontario

On a recent trip to Toronto, we set out to see some “out-of-the-way”, “off the beaten track” sorts of things and places.  Grafitti Alley was high on our “to-do list”.

What a great place to wander and explore. This treasure trove of graffiti art that takes up about a kilometre of wall space, runs west from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street.

The back alley entrance can be found between Queen Street W. and Richmond Street. Some artery offshoots also run north or south from this alleyway.

Rick Mercer’s Alley?

Those familiar with Rick Mercer and the Rick Mercer Report on the CBC , might recognize Rush Lane, or Graffiti Alley as the back drop for his famous rants. Check out Rick’s Rants  on YouTube and search for the ones that feature Graffiti Alley in Toronto.


Graffiti Alley offers great photo opportunities

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in wandering around and enjoying the street art. We took a fair number pictures and selfies using our phones and digital cameras.  It is quite a place to explore where amazing colours jump right off the walls. Many other travelers and locals were taking photos and videos on the day we visited Graffiti Alley. Many of our pictures are displayed within this post.


Graffiti Alley brought to life on Instagram

Here is a video about Graffiti Alley and a very interesting project that brought it to life on Instagram


In doing some research for this post, I found out that many of the photos I took were of the artwork of an artist who signs his work Uber5000.  Favourite characters in his work include a yellow bird that resembles a chicken and various sea creatures. See if you can find some of his work in my photo gallery.

Check out his work at

Finally. . .

Instead of being on the lists of “off the beaten track” places in Toronto, I think Graffiti Alley should be a must see. Such a great place to take pictures.

If you are headed to Toronto and in the area of Graffiti Alley, be sure to wander around and take in this amazing example of Toronto Street Art.

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Family Guy, Educator, Lifelong Learner, Traveller, Tourist, Travel Addict, Excursionist, Jaunter, Wanderer, Cruiser.
  1. Thanks for this Gord! We have often admired graffiti art in cities we have visited but I did not know about Graffiti Alley right near home. This will definitely be on our list for a future Toronto visit!

    1. Thanks, J. It is a great place to visit and very easy to locate. Enjoy your visit to Graffiti Alley.

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