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Bigfoot: Whitehall New York

Road Side Attraction:  Sasquatch Sculpture


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Sasquatch Sculpture in Whitehall, New York.

Sasquatch is a big (Bigfoot) deal in the small town of Whitehall in Upstate New York.
Located at the southern-end of Lake Champlain, in the Adirondack foothills, Whitehall has been called the Bigfoot Capital of the East Coast. It’s also officially named the Birthplace of the United States Navy, and it served as the backdrop for Revolutionary War activity under the command of Benedict Arnold. That’s a lot of renown for this small town with just over 4 000 residents.
On a beautiful day, last Winter, (March 2017) I ventured into to Whitehall to see the Bigfoot Sculpture. This  wood carved sculpture by created by artist Domingos Joaquim.

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As a family, we have been driving through Whitehall, NY  for the last 10 years on our way to Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont.
For as long as I remember, I have been interested in all things Bigfoot. Passing through the area around Whitehall, always stirs my curiosity about the sightings of Sasquatch in this area. Last winter was the first time I took a jaunt into town.
Roadside America,“Your Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions” gives these directions to the Sasquatch sculpture in Whitehall.
“From US Hwy 4/ Poultney St., just east of its intersection with Hwy 22/Broadway St. and just west of the canal bridge, turn north onto Skenesborough Dr. Drive a quarter-mile. On the right you’ll see parking spaces and a building with a green roof; The Bigfoot is next to it.”

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Although we only stopped quickly for a few snapshots on our visit to the Bigfoot Sculpture, Whitehall is definitely a place that I would like to further explore. Another time we are passing through, I would like to visit the remains of the 1812 Warship U.S.S. Ticonderoga and take a drive to the Abair Road area, where the Bigfoot sightings of 1976 took place.
I know I will be passing through the Whitehall area again this winter. I will probably wander into town again.

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Bigfoot in Whitehall, Interesting Facts:

August 1976- Abair Road Sightings
Although Bigfoot has consistently been part of the folklore of the Whitehall area, it was “The Abair Road Sightings of 1976” that really focussed interest in this small town. There is plenty of information all over the internet on the events of August 1976.
Bigfoot Evidence, the “World’s Only 24/7 Bigfoot News Blog is one place to find information about the Abair Road Sightings.

Abair Road Sign Whitehall New York

The History of Bigfoot in Upstate New York and Vermont
The following article and video from, chronicles the history of Bigfoot in Upstate New York and Vermont.
Are Bigfoot Finding Sanctuary in an Adirondack Town?
Here is an excerpt video from the Animal Planet series, Finding Bigfoot,  which explores the extraordinary steps the town council in Whitehall have taken to protect Bigfoot in their area.



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