RFID-Blocking Clip Stash

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Clip Stash Wallet- Review


This is a review of the Lewis N. Clark Clip Stash Wallet. This is another review in my series about keeping your currency and important documents safe when travelling.
Worrying about currency and valuable documents is not something I want to have on my mind when I travel. Over time, I have collected quite a quiver of what I will call anti-loss products. They have come from a variety of sources, and manufacturers. They work best when used together as a personal security system. I have items that literally protect me from “inside out”
In another  post, I reviewed another Lewis N. Clark product, the RFID-Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet. In that post, I characterized the Hidden Travel Wallet as a deep storage option for keeping valuables, important documents and currency secure. The hidden pocket is meant to be utilized deep under clothing where, by design, it is hard to access.  It is important to have some method of deep storage for currency, valuables and important documents. However, there is also a great need for easy access to credit cards,  key cards and currency when we are out and about. For easy access and secure storage, the Lewis N. Clark RFID-blocking Clip Stash is a great  travel wallet.
The Lewis N. Clark RFID-blocking Clip Stash is what I would characterize as a shallow storage option. This type of wallet can be stored deep enough to be discreet and concealed but shallow enough to be easily accessible. It works best in situations where you might like to have more security than a front pocket wallet might provide. With its sturdy clip, the RFID-blocking Clip Stash can even be used in most situations when you find yourself without a pocket for safe storage. I find that this small travel wallet works well clipped to a belt or clipped inside the waistband of  pants. For an even more secure placement, I have even clipped my Clip Stash onto the waistband a base layer, or underwear.
I’ve had a Lewis N. Clark Clip Stash wallet, or two, for a number of years. I’ve used one of these wallets while  exploring Europe, the Caribbean and large North American cities, camping, hiking, going to the gym, hanging out at the beach, skiing in Vermont, evenings onboard cruise ships, nights on the town and trips to the local shopping mall.  I find that the RFID Clip Stash wallet easily accommodates ID or a driver’s licence, a credit card and/or  debit card, a hotel room key or SeaPass card, some currency and even a house or car key.
Like I hinted to before, I have two of these wallets,  one black and one tan. The tan colour is suitable for everyday use with a variety of casual clothing. The black one has a black clip which camouflage perfectly with a black belt or dark trousers. You never know when you might need some extra security for your valuables during a formal event when you’re wearing a suit.
One final reason that I like the Clip Stash is the fact that it has RFID-Blocking technology built right into the material of the wallet.  This helps keep all the personal information that is stored on my credit cards or debit cards safe from unauthorized RFID scanning.





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Family Guy, Educator, Lifelong Learner, Traveller, Tourist, Travel Addict, Excursionist, Jaunter, Wanderer, Cruiser.