Barcelona Terror Attack, August 17, 2017



August 17th, 2017 Terror Attack on La Rambla

Two months ago, on August 17th, I took to Facebook to express my tremendous sadness about the terror attack carried out on La Rambla in Barcelona. The following is an exact copy of a Facebook post I wrote on August 17th, 2017. I have added some pictures to this post on my blog to illustrate some of the points of my remembrances
“The tragic events today, in Barcelona, remind me of another day, in the not so distant past, that was to be the first-time international terror became personally meaningful to me. Once again, I’m saddened and a gloom has been cast over my memories of a wonderful visit to an amazing city.
In January of 2016, it was a suicide bomb explosion near the Obelisk of Theodosius in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district that brought personal meaning to an act of terrorism that happened some 8000 km away from my home.
It had been just that previous July that my family enjoyed an overnight visit to Istanbul and had so much laughter and fun posing by the obelisk and the nearby Serpent Column at the Hippodrome of Constantinople. So much enjoyment where, in a matter of moments, six months later, many tourist’s lives were cut short or changed forever exploring the same sights we had enjoyed just months before.
Today, it seems so strange that I was, just this morning, reminiscing about our recent overnight visit to Barcelona, 35 days ago, as I edited pictures and revisited some reviews I had posted online about our experiences in that beautiful city.
Imagine my shock to learn, this afternoon, of the terror that took place at La Rambla, with images of Barcelona so recently filling my laptop screen and memories so fresh in my mind. What a wonderful afternoon we spent walking that tree-lined pedestrian area, visiting La Boqueria and enjoying the street performers after a wonderful tour of Barcelona.
It has been an emotional day.  I have been comforted by talking with my family and reaching out to travellers that shared my family’s experiences those July days in Istanbul, and/or our wonderful visit to Barcelona, just 35 days ago.
Of all the emotions that I felt today, fear was not one.
Will I travel again. . . You bet.
If I meet my end traveling, so be it.  I will have been happy.”



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Family Guy, Educator, Lifelong Learner, Traveller, Tourist, Travel Addict, Excursionist, Jaunter, Wanderer, Cruiser.
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